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4 Fall Prevention Tips for Seniors|Non-Medical Home Care

By Adam Dodd - February 26, 2016

Falls can be very traumatic for our seniors, and it normally takes them much longer to recover from injuries sustained from falls. Moving forward they are very anxious and scared to fall again. At Fusion, we focus on educating our clients on ways to minimize their risk of falling. Here are 4 tips on fall prevention for our seniors:

A regular exercise program can help to prevent future falls. Some great exercises would be: walking, dancing, riding a stationary bike, water aerobics, yoga, tai chi, resistance band workouts. These types of exercises will help to improve balance and increase strength which in turn helps limit the risk of falls.


Start by examining the high traffic areas in your home. Are there any rugs that could potentially cause a fall? How is the lighting in these areas? Is there any clutter in your path? In the shower would it help to have a grab bar? Are the mats in the bathroom non-skid? These are just some things to consider when performing a home safety assessment. Just being aware of your surroundings and eliminating fall hazards will greatly improve your safety. This is also one of the senior care services we provide at Fusion, so please call us anytime for your home safety assessment at 720-598-5881.


Medications or combinations of different medications can sometimes cause dizziness or drowsiness that could result in a fall. Make a list of all the over the counter and prescription medications you are taking and have a physician review them with you. Your physician will be able to tell you which medications could increase your risk of fall and may be able to change those medications to something with less side effects.


Sometimes certain health issues can cause dizziness which could make you lose your balance and result in a fall. If you have ever been diagnosed with inner ear problems or orthostatic hypotension then you are probably aware of the dizziness or light headedness that can occur. With orthostatic hypotension always make sure to move slowly to a standing position. Standing up too quick will cause blood pressure to drop suddenly which is what causes the dizziness and sometimes loss of balance. With inner ear always remember to take the vertigo medications prescribed by your physician.

Sometimes recovering from a fall can be really difficult for our seniors so we try to educate as much as we can to prevent those falls from happening at all. At Fusion Home Care we are always here to provide support and care to our clients and their families. Please call us anytime for all your non-medical home care needs at 720-598-5881.